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  • I'm finishing up my Facebook credits store for my app and hit a small stumbling block. I have my store iframed in my game page which works great. The problem is the credits system is supposed to redirect the browser window. However in the iframe window it forces an additional login with Facebook before directing the user to buy the product. So I need to open a brand new window to avoid this. So is it possible when using the browser plugin open new window to set the window size ie pop up? Or I can opt to close the main app before opening the brand new window which will eventually redirect back to the game. Can the browser plugin close be called without forcing a user to grant permission to close? I haven't tried so I honestly have no idea and its my only stumbling block at the moment. I can successfully accept payment and it updates the MySQL correctly. I just need to handle the browser redirect problem. So any ideas on which way would be best. My flow right now is this

    User clicks buy 1 gem.

    Browser redirects to Facebook buy

    After purchase Facebook redirects to MySQL update script.

    After update redirects to screen showing user Oder information for their reference,

    On click this window will close if I can set to pop up or redirect to game site if I can close the main game app before opening the second Facebook credits window(2 windows option, no pop up)

    Just need some ideas on the last step, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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