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  • The Browser object works perfectly when exported using Intel XDX. I've tested it after exporting with Intel XDX and it works. I'm heading on over to Cocoon because Intel XDX is ending the build server this June > <

    I didn't change any code whatsover in my game but the Browswer object wont work after being built with Cocoon. Unless I have to do something with Whitelist permissions in Cocoon.

    Also, will the Cordova IAP plugin work with Cocoon? I have the same code as in another game that i built Intel XDX. I did add the Cordova plugins by search to the Cocoon file builder. Unless it needs special permission like in the Whitelist for the IAP too (PS Cordova game plugin works, its just the IAP and default browser objects that arent working.)

  • I figured out the correct IAP object! In Cocoon, under Plugins dont click any of those icons if you're using Cordova! In the Search box search for cordova plugin payment iap . Remember, you have to add a Parameter called "BILLING_KEY" with the long code from google play. You can find it under API in the google play dev. console. its the long character that you put into the Cordova IAP object in Construct 2, the same one.

    I still haven't gotten Browser object to work though. Like the Construct 2 Browser object thats works perfectly with Intel XDX is not working with Cocoon. Intel XDX let you add asteriks for permissions to go to URLs, but I dont see anything like that in Cocoon.

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  • Any word on this? I found the Cocoon plugin and used that Cocoon webview thing in the builder but now buttons don't show up.

    Is there a browser plugin we can use with Cocoon that allows the use of buttons? If you Canvas+ or whatever it is then you can't use the Construct 2 buttons and text boxes. Unless theres a plugin that lets you launch a URL and still use Construct 2 buttons and text boxes.

  • I'll not use Canvas+. If it supported Buttons and Text boxes I would (I'm not going to create more work for the artist in our group so I'm using buttons.) Also the game needs text boxes for player lives and the player's score. So I need text boxes.

    So it's Webview and Webview+. Andy over at Cocoon said to inculde the in-app-browser plugin, which I did. The Browser still refuses to launch though. Unless I'm missing something with the Whitelist?

  • did you solved it?

  • Working fine with Webview+ ;

    Canvas+ seems quite buggy like in my Project: cant open Settings Layout it just Blackscreen or Freezed but game is working.

    Text Objects working fine but C2-Buttons not -> Use Sprite and onClicked() or onTouched()

    and hope for more useful plugins ^^

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