Browser On Mobile Back button event triggers with a big delay, why?

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  • I have a weird issue in my game - on one of the layouts, when I press Back button on mobile phone, the "Browser On Mobile Back button pressed" event is triggered after a long delay, between 1-10 seconds.

    This happens only on one specific layout where I display leaderboards. The code is very simple - "On Mobile Back pressed go to MainMenu layout". I put this event at the very top of the event sheet, before any "includes", and there is nothing else in the event sheet that may cause this problem. The layout is otherwise responsive and on-screen Exit button works fine.

    What's the worst part, if I press Back several times on this layout, these presses are saved in some sort of buffer. So when I tap Exit and go to another layout, the buffered Back button events are triggered there!

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  • Ok, I spent almost the entire day and finally figured out what was causing this stupid bug. I have too many text objects with web font on this layout - over 400. If I don't set the web font for them, Back button works without any delay.

    If anyone knows how to fix it without removing hundreds of text objects, please let me know.

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