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  • Trying to run a Javascript function I have added into the body of the index.html to return a JSON string I can add into an Array inside of Construct2.


    Here is the javascript I add in the body of index.html:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    		function gameJSON()
    			var myGameJSON =  <cfoutput>#myJsonVar#</cfoutput>;
    			return myGameJSON;
    This code functions in the browser console and returns a correct JSON to the browser console. I also know it gets called in construct2 because I have added an alert and I have am seeing the alert.
    I have looked at the input from Browser.ExecJS("gameJSON();") by appending it to a text string and the value is just = "0".
    1. Can I use Browser.ExecJS to request a JSON string and then use that to load to my "ArrayInfo"?
    2. Is there a better method to reference a Javascript function on index.html accessed via the Browser object and get the JSON inside construct2?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  • 1. ExecJS can only return strings or numbers, so make sure the JSON is stringified and not a raw JS object.

    2. I would strongly recommend always using the Javascript SDK instead of executing JS strings directly.

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