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  • I'm wondering if there are any ad options for construct 2 that run in browser? Preferably full screen/video ads just like admob's interstitials.

    Thinking its going to be really handy to monetize games in the scirra arcade.

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  • I find the thought of ads in the arcade horrendous.

    The arcade is first and foremost a showcase for Scirra, and secondly a user showcase, and forcing ads down peoples throats would just deter it's use, IMO. I know I would never bother with it again if ads were allowed.

  • zenox98 Not really the answer I was looking for. Maybe the arcade was a poor example. I'm simply looking for a way to display ads in a web game, don't care if its on the arcade, newgrounds, kongregate etc. Personally though, I believe ads are a very fair way of monetizing a game if done correctly. For instance, in my game GATE I only show ads as an option to continue playing, like an extra life of sorts. I do agree that they can be pretty horrible mind you. Anyway, that was all pretty off topic.

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