Bring up Mobile Keyboard On Text Focus

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  • I'm working on a multi-player game and have in game chat that is working but the user experience isn't quite what i want. When The text box pops up I am able to focus on the box just fine but that doesn't seem to be enough to trigger the keyboard on the mobile device to show. I still have to wait for the user to touch the text box before the keyboard will pop up.

    I have tried various methods including inserting some JavaScript to simulate clicking but that doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of how to handle this.

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  • Eventually I just created my own touch keyboard that popped up as I couldn't get the mobile keyboard to work and if it did, then it didn't work on multiple devices.

    Two examples capx found in forums:

  • DUTOIT Thank you for this.

    I hadn't even considered creating my own... I think for now I'm just going to keep it as is and if the time it would take to create a nice looking key board becomes worth it, ill circle back.

    I did how ever find hack that seems to work most of the time (at least on my galaxy s4) its not a 100% but its enough for now. I just added wait of 0.1 sec before triggering the focus event for the text box after I show it. Oddly enough if I set the time to short or too long it doesn't work but there appears to be a Goldilocks time frame that if focus is called at just the right time it seems to work. Go figure

    Thank you again for taking the time to help

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