How do I bring a game to market...

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  • How do I bring a game to market...

    I have never published a game and I do not know where to start, I can not even make a plan because I do not understand the process or the expenses.

    I see how to post mt games here for free but how do I learn how to bring a game to market? Is there a guide that I missed or is there a good book that has helped others?

    Will posting my game for free here on Scirra give up my right to the game?

    Are there any specific Construct 2 concerns with bringing a game to market?

    I did not see the info posted here but if it is and I missed that please include the link.



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  • What market are you specifically targetting?

    You refer to it too generically, if you generally want to get your game out, just push it out on as many HTML5 game sites out there, get a presskit done and send it out for reviewers, then just pray for some press coverage!

    Putting your game up on the arcade doesn't take away any of your rights. It's still your game completely!

    You cannot earn money from a game unless you have bought a license.

    Standard Licenses cover that up to $5000 revenue, which then you will need to upgrade to a business license.

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