How do I make a brightness option?

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  • Hey Guys, we have around 100 levels in our game, and wanted to make an options menu of Brightness with the layout effect. Do we have to add the brightness effect to all 100 layers in the game? o.O

    No other smart way of doing that? :S

  • anyone?

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  • One option to try is have a top layer with a non-transparent black colour. Then adjust the opacity of that layer to control the "brightness" of the other layers.

  • blackhornet Still you need to add 100 layers if you don't have such already.

    Another option might be to create a black sprite (on a top layer) to cover the whole screen and manipulate opacity of that sprite? However that might be resource consuming.

    BTW: 100 levels is not that much... you should be done adding effect within 10-20 minutes... I guess it's worth it.

  • It's not clear how the game is implemented, as 100 levels and 100 layers is mentioned, so is that actually 1 layout and 100 layers, or was it just a bad choice of words (ie: 100 layouts). Could still be a global layer.

  • Thanks for the answers guys! Its 100 layouts with 1 layer on each.

    I could add the effect in 10 minutes or so, but it would be nice if there were another option.

    I'll try with a global sprite or layer. Might work okay

  • Yes but still if you want a global layer. You have to add it to each layout. So you have to do something 100 times anyway. That was my point.

    Black sprite can be generated in some common event sheet. So it's not much work.

  • Can't you just use layer opacity over a white background? That would effectively create a brightness effect.

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