Brand new, need help with Drop down menu?

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  • Hey guys!

    Brand new here, I came from another very limited game engine that just got the Axe, so I've been trying to go through all the tutorials and things I could find online, and am having some real trouble getting my idea to work, or finding a good tutorial to help me figure out how to make it work since I lost about 2 months worth of work after switching engines.

    I have a drop down menu, that I want to come in from the top of the screen by pressing the space bar and stop once it hits about the middle of the play screen.

    So far, I can make the menu come in, using the arrow keys and the 8 direction behavior and all that, but I really need a way to make the menu stop abruptly at a certain point, and only drop down when you hit the space bar, and then return to its previous location outside the screen when the space bar is pressed a 2nd time. Is there anyway to do something like this?

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  • Welcome to the community, did you mean something like this?

    DropDownMenu.capx (r114)

    I've commented most of what's going on in the event sheet, if you need to know what linear interpolation is (lerp), check the "[How do I]Frequently asked question" thread in this sub-forum.

  • wow, that is exactly what I mean, that's absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for that!

    I have to say, this engine is proving to be a lot better than the previous one I was using, and this is really the only thing thats had me stumped so far. But you really helped me out a lot with this!

    Thank you so much for this!

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