Brain freeze: Simple problem, cant find solution

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  • Hi, I am facing a weird situation now. Its a simple problem, which I didnt face before, but now I have brain freeze and not able to figure it out...

    Here is the problem:

    I have 3 layouts. The first two layouts are 800*700 (layout size and window size). The third one is 1280*1024 Layout size, and 800*700 window size. I have a character that has 'Scroll To' behaviour enabled. There is no problem with first two levels since the layout size and the window size is the same, but when the third layout loads, the window size remains at 800*700, but the character is spawned outside that size, and the camera does not scroll to the character... help!

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  • If your character is near to the edge of a layout, use Bound to layout behavior.

    If you're wanting to maintain your character centered on the screen, make a custom "Scroll To" behavior, by setuping the screen to follow the actor. Search on the tutorials if this is your issue and there you'll find it.

  • Well, I tried it... still having problems... what is even more weird is, I have a demo out in Scirra Arcade that uses "Scroll To' behavior. I opened that capx and the only difference I see is that, in that game, all the layouts are constant i.e Layout size is 1280*1024, window size is 800*600.

    Is that a requirement that all layout sizes must be the same throughout the project?

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