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  • I made a character with his own box to make the collisions and stuf, but when i come to create some enemies (clones) if i create a box the same way i created the one for the main character, all the enemies "cloned" will try to follow along the first BOX created for the first enemy.

    How can i solve that without to code each enemi+ownbox?


  • It would be simpler if you'd post a capx for us to understand what your issue is.

    I'm totally lost in a world of "boxes" and "clones" which makes little sense in C2 vocabulary.

    Object types and instances is the "standard" language out here.

    But from what I understand you have some issue with picking apparently, you might want to check the "how do I FAQ" (link in my signature) to the section "Picking/selecting instances".

    You might find useful infos for your issue there hopefully.

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  • Sorry for the lack of quality in my writing.

    In the line 2 I put one object to follow another by each tick, in other words the sprite character must be attached to the sprite box whom calculates the stuff, i read in a tutorial that this is a good practice so i replicated it.

    As you may see theres no object to be follow in the case of the lots of enemies, because when i created the first sprite and the object box that the sprite will follow it worked like a charm, but when its with more than one enemy i can ctrl move to make clones of the enemies and ALSO THE BOX, but the enemies start following the first box

    Theres is the image

    <img src="" border="0" />

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