How do I make bow work like in Crysis and FarCry

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  • Hi guys , as you can see up there I`m trying to make my bow and arrow work like normal in C2 but i dunno how.. Like in Crysis and Farcry .I hope you guys understand what I want. This time this is for player. I spent 7 days of thinking how to make that.

    What i have done

    -Set bow rope animation ( Pull the rope)

    -Arrow behaviour : Bullet (On start of layout l Bullet disable )

    • Rope set frame 1 - 5 : Arrow follow rope point(1-20 frame ) - really wasting time
    • AT last frame arrow bullet enable and it didn`t work..

    I hope someone help me with a better ways to make i work like on the other games..

    Solution with .capx will much better XD

    Please submit your solution couze I just wasted 7 days for this.

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