How do I have bow/ angry birds like firing scheme?(top down)

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  • Hello fellow C2 friends...

    I have an issue I have been trying to resolve with not much luck. I am trying to make a function where its sort of like an angry birds -like functionality where you touch and drag back and let a projectile go (but obviously not platform view, it is top down here). I have a rough drawing describing what I am trying to accomplish.

    You touch the string and drag it back and shoot a projectile (an arrow) - but not only that say I wanted to point the bow in a certain direction, for example towards the left of the screen you touch the string, pull back and the bow pivots and rotates towards the angle I am pulling back towards.

    Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

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  • You can have a look at the default Template: Physics Catapult file, it sounds fairly close to what you're after.

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