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  • Hi, working on my platform game, playing around with the Physics behavior but having no luck creating a bouncy platform block. So it's a solid, an object that when you jump on it gives an upward bounce effect. Is there another behavior that would do this, like a 'material' behavior?



  • If you want a bouncy platform using physics, you would need to apply force to the player when overlapping the platform (possibly overlap at offset?).

    Basically something like;

    [Player is overlapping platform at offset Y+1]

    --- Apply force 500 at angle random(265,275)

    Or something along those lines


  • Wouldn't it apply impulse instead apply force ?

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  • Either/or I guess it depends on the effect you're looking to achieve. Impulse might be a better choice for this particular use.


  • Hmm. And if I didn't want to make the platform bouncy by using physics? Feel like there should be a materials property to a solid...

    Sol, in your code bits above, the option to Apply Force, is that contextual if you have Physics applied to the platform block?



  • Hey, thanks again guys, I kept screwing around and found a simple way, no Physics required:

    (hmm is there a trick to adding an image to a post, can't seem to paste anything in. Guess that's an attachment?)

    If Player overlapping object at offset (0,2), then Player set Platform Vector Y to -800



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