How do I make bouncy enemies

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  • I'm trying to program enemies that bounce when you hit them, go different distances depending on the strength of the hit, and when they come to a stop, they get up and keep moving. I'm using the pre-installed platform template and experimenting. So far I have the enemy sprite programmed with only a platformer and bullet behavior, when the player sprite collides with it, the bullet behavior is enabled and it's angle is set at random between 90 and 45 degrees and its gravity to 1500. It does bounce but now I'm trying to figure out how to decelerate it so it comes to a stop.

    I would really like advice, especially if there's a better means of creating this certain effect.

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  • The bullet behavior has an "Acceleration" property, specified in pixels per second. Setting this to a negative value will cause the bullet to decelerate over time. I would suggest looking at that.

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