How do I make a bouncing player?

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  • I have a player sprite with a CustomMovement behaviour and i want to achieve for it something like the "bounce off solids" property of the bullet behaviour. I have tried with some CustomMovement reverse options and I've done something that only works when the player is bouncing against some prefect formed sprite, but this is not working with a sprite that have a strange formed collision polygon:

    I hope I've explained myself clear enough.

    Could somebody help me with this?

    Thank you.

  • Have you considered changing the collision polygons so they will be more conducive to the desired effect. Is there some reason you can't? It's a little hard to tell without seeing the game.

  • The problem is that I want to bounce in different angle and speed depending on how the player hit the sprite.

    I uploaded the capx. What I want is to get a more "natural" bounce when I hit the green sprite (I haven't even got this with the black squares).

    Thanks for answering.

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  • I've found a solution.

    For my player movement I'm gonna use the Physics behaviour instead of Custom movement. With this, construct2 will gonna handle the bounces automatically.

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