How do I make a bouncing object with 8 direction behavior?

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  • so lets say i make i want to make an object that moves down and right at the same time, and when it touches a horizontal wall it changes its direction to left but it keeps moving down (its something like an object with the bullet behavior with bounce off solids enabled)

    how could i do something like that? using the reverse action wouldn't be useful because it would only move in a diagonal line (down, left and up right only)

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  • Create 2 sprites. Give one the 8 Directional Behavior and the other the Platform Behavior. Put the 8 Dir origin point at top and the Platform at bottom.

    In Events, At Every Tick set the platform to the 8 Directional object. (Set position to another object) The Platform should always be above the 8Dir object.

    You can then pin your character sprite to one of those or set position.

    Now you should be able to access the Simulate Control of Jump when the 8 Directional (since it’s at bottom) hits a floor.

    Now, I may be off as I’m trying to do this off the top of my head. So I apologize if it doesn’t work accordingly.

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