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  • I have a gravity ball and an angled moving surface. Why when the ball hits the surface, it doesn't jump with an angle, but jumps straight up? I have added physics impulse on collision. Should I do it in some other way for it to work?

    Are the physics settings wrong? Thanks in advance people!

    I made elasticity 0 because it keeps bouncing higher and higher and goes out of control

    but maybe thats the problem and i need to fix something else? not sure

    Here are the properties:

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  • It should just bounce. You shouldn’t need to apply an impulse at all.

  • I took the ball from the construct example and it worked well after some small twitching!

    My last question if it is possible is: How can I create an invisible wall for the character but the ball to be able to pass it normally? It is physics stuff so I am not that great with such things unfortunately, since all these rules apply to all physics items automatically.

  • If the player is moved with the physics behavior too, then no, not with the bundled physics behavior since there is no collision filtering.

    There are other physics plugins such as chipmunk physics you can download and use instead. It for instance has a setting called collision mask for any object using the behavior.

    Set the player to 01

    The enemies to 10

    Any walls both hit to 11

    And walls only the player can walk through to 10

  • Seems like a great plugin, thanks for the information and guidance!

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