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    I'm working on some new gameplay mechanics for my platform game, one of them is what I call 'bounce pads'. These are objects that I can place at any angle and when my player jumps on them they are fired off in the direction of the bounce pad.

    The problem I had is with the platform behaviour I can't find a way to jump my player at a specific angle, I can only choose a combination of X and Y vectors.

    So, to get round this I added the CustomMovement behaviour which does support the Acceleration on a set Angle. But as you will see in the capx I have to disable the platform behaviour which doesn't have gravity and frequently sends my player out into space.

    I also wanted the player to be fired from the centre of the bounce pad, but when I position it to the centre of the bounce pad it stays stuck there (currently commented out).

    Does anyone have any clues to which way I should do this?

    In the capx you'll notice another mechanic I want to get working what I call 'HoldAndFire' - the player jumps into the flower objects, it starts rocking side to side, when you next press jump it fires you out at that angle, but as you will see it only works the one time, the second flower doesn't fire you out at the right angle... :-(

    Any help or pointers really appreciated.


  • you're using a plugin 'pause' in your .capx, which means that anyone who doesn't have that plugin installed won't be able to open your .capx

    just as a heads up.. more people might respond if you temporarily deleted the events relating to that plugin and reuploaded

  • OK, thanks for the heads up, I removed the plugin - it wasn't actually needed in my test capx.

  • Just wondering if my question doesn't quite make sense - I still haven't been able to code what I'm looking for.

    To help illustrate what I'm looking for have a look at the following video from Rayman.

    Rayman Youtube

    Rayman jumps on the large bouncy flowers that bounce him off at the same angle as the flower is facing. I'm looking to do something similar with my character that uses the platform behaviour. I don't want to set up a custom x and y vector for each bounce pad, instead take the angle of the bounce pad and use that to fire my character the correct direction.



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  • Thank you for pointing me that way Ramones, your example was exactly what I was after.

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