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Bounce the ball and try to keep it bouncing and prevent it from falling down for as long as you can.
  • Hello there,

    How can i make a falling sprite bounce like a rubber ball when it hits a solid?

    This sprite will be the player.

  • Hi Deivide,

    My answer probably won't be as helpful as I'm new to C2 as well but AFAIK if you use bullet behavior, there's a bounce option or probably better if you assign physic behavior to the player instead.

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  • Hmm i'll look at Bullet Behavior, thanks.

    If anyoneelse got another way, please tell me.

  • Add physics to your object, on collition with the solid, accelerate object or change velocity in the other direction play a bit with the values in order to gain the desired effect.

    Give us some more details so we can come up with a better solution.

  • Let me test the physics, i'll give feedback whenever i can

  • Physics on both objects.

    • Set a number close to 1 on the Elasticity of the solid.
    • Set Immovable.


    Bullet Behavior on the "ball"

    • Bounce off solids - YES.
  • Can physics be applied to a player controlled object? If so you might need to also disable control on the player while they are bouncing or you might get strange effects.

    If you cant add physics to a player object, then simply swap out a single sprite copy of the player for the physics bouncing part, then swap back in the player controlled version of the sprite after he stops moving.

  • I gotta study a little more, physics helped but made the player shake on every solid, i had to make Ifs and Elses to push the player from the solid.

    Like i said, gotta study a bit more to apply the wanted force

  • Keep the friction low and the elasticity high and it'll be bouncing around like a basketball : D

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