How do I make Bounce bullet off behave always same way?

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  • Hi

    I making the game where it is very important that bullet off always behaves the same way. Now sometimes the bullet flight angle changes when hits the wall. (does not behave like the previous bullet) is there any way to fix this problem?

    I put here a simple example. There is yellow mark where to aim. When you start shooting (pressing mouse button) you notice that bullets not always fly same route.

  • I suspect that might be built in to prevent a situation where a bullet can be caught in an endless loop, like if it manages to bounce off something at a straight angle it could just bounce back and forth forever.

    Don't quote me on that, however, it could also be a result of many different things.

    At the same time - since you are using physics for the targets it would make sense to also use them for your projectile.

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  • Projectiles also use physics like everything else. This problem happens in some angles. So I can make forever loop but it is not fix that problem when it should work in every angles. as you can see and test from that example file, which I added.

  • By that I mean - use physics properties to launch the bullet, not the bullet behaviour - mixing physics with anything else that moves is a super-bad idea. From my testing then it acts VERY predictably each time.

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