Boulderdash type game using physics?

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  • Been playing around with this idea, using the physics engine to make the rocks fall realistically. They look amazing and really work well, but I'm finding it impossible to get them to interact correctly with the player. For one thing, when the player pushes the rocks, they sometimes push all the way into a wall and then spring out again when you move. I need them to be rock-solid, as a rock should be.

    I guess the problem is that I'm trying to mix non-physics behaviour with physics behaviour (for example I'm using the player using the keys). Does anyone have a good example of moving a player around using the physics engine, or any other ideas on how this could work?

  • It's pretty simple. Apply left/right forces with keys pressed, and to jump, apply an upwards impulse on key pressed.

  • Thanks. Not sure if it would be accurate enough but I'm only playing around so I'll give it a try. Got it working really easily with just the standard jerky movement between tiles, Construct 2 is so easy to use.

    Love your AirScape game, very good. That was done in Construct 2? They should put that up as a feature on Construct to show what it can do.

  • Yeah it's much better with impulse because everything behaves correctly. Only problem is, it's not a platform game and I don't want my player to be affected by gravity. He needs to float around and only move down when the arrows keys are pressed. Although the physics behaviour on the rocks is awesome, I'm not sure it's suitable, but I'll keep trying. It's only a hobby project anyway :)

  • farflamex maybe 8 direction move will be better? i want create that game too i try myself do something. But did you make some research if yes please give me tips

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  • Here you can find boulderdash done with html 5/JS

    It could help you

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