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  • I have a problem with a project I am doing for school. I am almost finished, except for the music for the boss fight. For some reason, the song I added, in this case "Ultraviolence", doesn't play. It doesn't matter what kind of logic I use to trigger it, I can't get it to play. And what's worse is sometimes it actually starts playing after the game goes back to the title screen.

    Here is a copy of my project, the song is located at event 66. ... sp=sharing

    I have tried everything, and I can't figure out why everything else works, except this.

  • Darn, looks like I can't post a link to my game...

  • Your link is missing some part. Past it like a URL so we can get it right.

    Anyway, it sounds like your problem has to be this:

    "Categorise audio files correctly

    It is important to organise audio files appropriately, because audio files in the Sounds project folder are downloaded completely before playing, but files in the Music folder are streamed. This means if a Music track is accidentally put in the Sounds folder, it would have to download completely (which could take a couple of minutes) before it started playing. However, audio in the Music folder can start playing immediately since it is streamed from the server."

  • I can't post URLs until I reach a certain amount of reputation, unfortunately.

    That being said, I do have my music in the correct folders. I've even tried preloading it on the start of the layout. I know the song plays, because for some reason, it triggers for the wrong event, and I can hear it. I just can't get it to trigger when the boss fight starts.

  • Add some spaces to your URL so we can see it all and download.

  • Sounds like you have a Stop All or Set Silent sound command somewhere in your events causing the problem?

  • I found the issue I am having after looking at the debug screen. Essentially I don't have a one-off event to trigger the music. The boss fight starts once a particular invisible sprite is on screen, since the screen moves forward at a steady pace. This sets a gamestate global variable to 3. If I set the music to start on compare variable, it keeps starting every tick. If I set it to start while the sprite is on screen, same thing. I have to find a way to trigger the audio to play just once, not a continuous condition.

  • I don't know how to make an event like that. I can't set it to trigger on compare instance variable. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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  • It seems you don't know the existence of condition "Trigger once". Put it after your main condition.

  • It seems you don't know the existence of condition "Trigger once". Put it after your main condition.

    I did not. I do now. Thank you.

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