Boss with Lifebar and Attacks.

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  • How make a Boss for my Plattform Game. How create a Lifebar that going shorter if i hit the Boss. Also how make Attacks for him ? Which Behavirous i need that he shoot a Wall of Bullets,shoot random in all directions or start moving to your last Position ? My Problem is that i don't know really how to start

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  • Start by checking this pretty collection of examples how-do-i-frequently-asked-questions_t63692

    You can also try this section

    You can also search the How do i forum section with many helpful resources if things fail.

    And you can even try animate the boss with Spriter which can import with it plugin the animation directly into construct2 good for specifying body part weak points and animating the whole boss movement routine.

    As for the lifebar, how about something like this? how-do-i-life-bar-to-each-zombie_t100797

    The bullets should have a bullet behavior to start with. It would be a good idea to check the manual section to learn the behaviors and expressions used in the game engine. Perhaps this all would be a good "start"

  • For my boss characters I have a timer that triggers their different attacks. It also triggers there animations for each attack as well. pretty simple to do.

  • I made a boss for our Dragon Blaster demo ( - press Y 3 times to skip to the boss and again to cycle powerups) that has a number of scripted attacks. I'm at work right now so I can't go into a huge amount of detail, but the way I did it was that I gave him a bunch of instance variables so he could keep track of his current state. One of them was his current attack, and on every frame that would activate a specific segment of event script that would execute that action.

    To expedite this I gave him a couple of generic abilities, the first being simply to shoot at the player if a particular instance variable was set and the second being to go to a specific screen coordinate and then set the current action variable to a given value when the boss reached the destination. So that way I could set up things like "Go to the middle of the screen and then move XXX" where XXX is next event in the chain.

    Every move would terminate by setting the current move variable back to an idle state. The only thing that move did was select another move at random from the current list (he has different moves in his two phases), making sure that that move wasn't the same as the move he just did so he never does the same thing back to back.

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