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  • I'm making a boss for my game, and he is supposed to run around, stop, throw stuff, then run to the opposite side of the layout, throw stuff, then do it again. How would I do that, and trigger the animations?

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  • I like to add a string variable to my sprites called "state", and then have conditional states like "idle", "walk", "attack", etc... For more complicated movements like with a boss, you can also have trigger objects that the boss can collide into and have a certain action take place before he switches directions.

    In order to control his movement directions, you can make a variable called "direction", and make it a number or string, and have it so different numbers/words correlate with different directions you'd have him take. Assign a variable to the trigger objects with data corresponding to the new direction the boss should take after colliding with them.

    There are of course a million ways to go about your goal. The vague method I described is only one of those ways, but your best bet is to experiment until it has the movement and actions you want.

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