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  • is it possible to put a border around a sprite, without using a loaded image containing one. If i use loaded image the border expands when resized. ie 1px becomes 2px at top, but maybe 1px left, depending on how it was resized.

    I just want a border 1px around a sprite box, that will be created via Event Sheet with diferent sizes and keep the border always at 1px no matter rezing.

    in HTML this would be a DIV with border stlye etc. how can i do this in C2.

    I have looked in the forum incase already asked and havnt found answer hence post.


  • Have a look at the canvas plugin, You can do it with that.

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  • Here's part of a .capx that I was working on a while ago.

    It was part of something bigger so there's some unused instance variables and families and things.. just ignore them.


    edit: if you want them thicker just set the size of the outline object to 2,2 / 3,3 etc.. although this won't create a proper corner... To fix it, you can add a variable containing the thickness to where it sets the lines length.

  • thanks a lot for the help :)

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