get bonus object when score is reached

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  • hello all,

    Well, thank you in advance for kindly help. I am stuck with something. Any idea where i can find a tutorial or example about this:

    When a score reach 100 points by example, the game show me a mini store/section where i can click on a object. If i have enough point, this object is upgraded on the player.

    I tried to create it but really doesnt work at all here so if someone can help me with something, it would be really appreciated !!!

    thanks again

  • Do a greater or equal check for the amount needed with a variable, whether it's a global or instance variable doesn't matter I believe usually.

    Don't forget to subtract the points, or the player can abuse that oversight.

  • Thank you for your directive. I was thinking something similar but i dont know why it doesnt work here. Is it possible to see a capx to understand how its really working with that logic ?

    I really need help if possible and a .capx will be easier to understand. I am willing to pay to understand this logic so if its motivate more, then just tell me but i really need help :)

    Here the logic i try to create:

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  • It's soooo easy to me.

    The important thing is you must create a global variable for score, besides 2 options on menu screen, you may create event compare to global variable, if the current score is less than 49, it will disable click, otherwise if is greater or equal than 50, it will enable click to purchase weapon, it does same logic to other weapons and add action to substract 50 to global score after of purchasing a weapon, also you make another event to attach new weapon, it?s just like to change frame, add image point or other method.

  • Thanks Joannesalfa and ladestitude, your help have been helpful !

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