How do I make a bomb fuse effect?

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  • I want to make an effect where say you light the end of a bomb fuse, and a spark graphic then follows the fuse line down to the bomb.

    The fuse is not a straight line, it's kind of wavy like a string, so it's not like I could simply use the bullet effect, right?

    And as the spark travels down the fuse, the fuse needs to disappear where the spark has been. How would I "erase" part of the line?


  • Depends a bit on how the effect is used in general - if it's like a static screen and this is a showcase effect you could just hand-place hundreds of fuse bits and then use for each ordered by zorder, for example to destroy them and set a spark sprite to their position.

    If this is a dynamic thing with spawnable bombs, for example, then things get trickier. Give a little more information on how you want to use this.

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  • Just a static screen, like a countdown timer.

  • Then something like this could work just fine - feel free to play around by placing more copies of the fuse sprite to make the fuse longer (hold Ctrl and drag them).

  • Amazing, that's exactly what I was talking about! So simple now that I see it, but I don't think I would have ever figured that out the way you did that. Thanks so much!

    And I learned something about Z Orders. I mean I knew I could right click a sprite and move it to the top or bottom layer, but guess I didn't realize when you copy/paste a bunch of sprites that each new copy is on a Z order layer higher than the last.

    Thanks for the tip and sample capx!

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