How do I make a bomb destroy blocks?

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  • This is what I found on the internet, but have no idea where to begin....

    Bomb blocks are generally pretty simple to integrate:

    Start with an Event that listens for the destruction of any bomb blocks.

    Whenever one is destroyed, it should pass its position into a function that will then find and destroy all of the blocks that would also be destroyed by that bomb block. For example, if your bomb block is supposed to destroy all the surrounding blocks, you would pass the position of the bomb block to a function that would look at each of the surrounding positions to see if there are any blocks there.

    If it finds any blocks in these positions, it then destroys them.

    How do I make an event to "listen"? What does he mean by "pass the position"? Do I need to make a function or an instance variable? I'm a little loss on this. Thanks!

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  • angeltekno Have a look at this tutorial, Its very good and easy to follow. From what i understand of what you need i think you will find something similar in this tutorial. ... edev-12711

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