How do I make my bomb bounce less high

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  • Hi, i have been stuck on this for a long time. It is a game I am writing for our local museum. They want it on android as visitors get a mobile device that activates when they point it at a display, anyway that is why there are big buttons.

    It supposed to simulate the bouncing bomb being dropped from a Lancaster bomber. The bomb has physics and bounces of an invisible immovable object in the water. The problem is the bomb will bounce to the height it was dropped from. I have tried changing all the parameters affecting physics but they seem to make very little difference. When the bomb has bounced once I have tried to apply a 90 degree force and impact but not got it to work yet. It is only a fun simulation but the bomb should reach about half the height it was dropped from and decay about 75% there after.

    many thanks


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  • Don't use the physics-behavior with other behaviors like bullet, solid or rotate. If you use the physics-behavior, make all with the physics-behavior.

    Please have a look, it works but I think you have to tweak the values a litte bit more. ... sp=sharing

    I found another problem with the group loops. It took so much cpu usage. I changed that too but, I think it would be better to make a sound and play it, instead of trying to alter the sound.

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