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  • hi guys, i have problem that i'm having a one bomb,for that i took animation frames, i'm dropping that object to down side to touch one iron rod, after that it has to blast.when it before blasting it has to get some fie on top of the bomb .i have pinned that one, but it's not working for me.can any one help me please .

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  • narasimha, you seem to be missing some basic knowledge on how to work with construct.

    Have you followed any of the tutorials?

    two basic mistakes:

    • You pinned the fire object while it was in the wrong position
    • You never set the fire object to visible again

    I hope you will read the manual and/or tutorials, they have lots of valuable information. Also it would be nice if you respond to answers given on your topics.

    I wish you all the best in learning to work with C2!

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  • thanks LittleStain,

    it's working fine now.

  • hi friends ,

       again i got some problem, i have a one bomb object by clicking that object, one new bomb object is spawning and it's dropping on the iron stand, and my problem is when bomb is dropping one fire object will appear, for that dropping bomb this fire object has to be joint and fall on the rod ,i have tried with pin behaviour but this is not working.And later joint to physics and i gave , on start of layout bomb and fire has to be joint.can any one help me please.


    can any one help me, i'm not at all getting that blast project.please help me

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