can any body tell me whats wrong here

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  • i have made a platform but it seems to have errors in the jump control

    the character sometime jump and sometime dont


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  • I don't think it's a good idea to have the player set to be both a bullet and platform behaviour.

  • nice so how can i jump with the bullet

  • I'm not sure how your game is meant to work really but I would stick with platform only and use simulate control to push left/right instead of using bullet set angle 0/180. That way you can at least have the nice jumping. Also disable the pressing of left/right.

  • no iam sticking with an idea so the game have to be bullet so any idea

  • This is because you've mixed the Bullet and Platform behaviors together to manage the player's movement. If you're using Platform behavior then the player should not also be a bullet as well...

    Try using an 'is_moving_right' boolean (or similar) and simulate the platform controls to make the player move in the same way - should work a treat!

    Edit - I must be slow at typing! You can't mix the behaviors in the way you want so I'm afraid you'll have to change your idea (can't think of why you would want to do this with bullet behavior when platform is easily good enough and glitch free). If you want to change the player into a bullet later then disable / enable the behaviors at the appropriate time so that they don't conflict.

  • As I said, and the guy above has also said, you don't need to use both and if you want jumping I would use platform. If for some reason you want to stick with bullet then you'll need to use something like 'move at angle 270' to simulate jumping but I'm not sure why you would opt for that with the platform behaviour available.

  • done i fix it with platform 'is_moving_right' boolean

    thanx guys 4 help

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