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  • Anywhere in the game screen, click-n-hold the left mouse button. MrStick will change his pose and hold his arm out holding an item in his hand. All of that works as I want it to, presently.

    The one problem I'm having is that I do not understand WHY his main body pose is looking all blurry. I have a hunch what it might be, but I really don't know how to narrow it down. This has never happened before. Does it have to do with the "On Left Mouse Button Down" event handler checking every tick??

  • Set sampling to 'Point' in project properties. Enabling pixel rounding might help.

  • Your main body looks fine on my laptop Rhindon. Are you using a CRT monitor or a laptop? Also I noticed that if I zoom in or out while looking at it in my browser, it gets blurry. Maybe your browset is zoomed to something other than 100%.

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  • btw that looks like a really cool start of a game

  • Ashley - Always an honor to get a reply from you! Thank you very much - that seemed to solve the trick...setting the Sampling to Point. (I checked the Manual to get a better understand of what Sampling actually is, and it reminds me of the graphics settings on the Nintendo GameCube game, "Super Smash Bros Melee". It had the option to choose between linear and point graphics, and you could clearly see the smooth vs sharp pictures. This is very good information to know. Thank you again!

    dinofun - Thank you! I have high hopes for it. And a lot of huge I'm probably in over my head for my first game, too.

    I hadn't messed with the browser zoom functions at all, and the other images up to this point were all well and good. I even use the same template when creating new character sprites. It was just that one sprite that was off for some reason. But all is good now!

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