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  • hi people,

    i'm trying to make a retro style game and i use retro template but sprite becomes blurry when moving. i can't share a screenshot because it looks perfect in screenshot.

    below is the capx file. you can see it yourself.

  • I think I see what you mean, but isn't that just the effect you get on older monitors, sometimes called "ghosting"? It would probably look worse on laptops.

    I think the blurry-ness is lessened by reducing his speed.

    Also I don't know if it was intentional but there's really no need for a separate / pegged player object.

    See here:

    I got rid of the player object and fixed some of your animation (it was jerky because you had bounding box different on different frames of "running").

  • thanks silkc2

    i tried to reduce the speed but nothing changed. and maybe you're right because i am using a laptop nearly 2 years old. so you say that won't be a problem on newer monitors?

    thanks for animation too. but you really think no need for player object? is it because graphics are already blocky enough?

  • i checked your version and on landed, poor little barbarossa starts to trembling continuously :)

    i think i still need a player object to avoid such bugs.

  • On my work monitor it's a barely noticeable blur. I will try on my fancy gaming monitor at home tonight & let you know.

    I haven't used a separate player object in any of my games.. just check your bounding boxes are correct (on each animation frame they must be the same too).

    e.g. I can see on the "stand" animation the bounding box isn't on the bottom of the frame, where his feet are. So this causes the wobbling.

    Using a separate player object to peg to was hiding the real problem.

    I've saved over the file so you can check the link again to see what I mean. He is now smooth. :)

  • thanks again for your help :)

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  • ebrar - did you try turning on 'Point sampling' rather than 'Linear sampling' in the project properties? You might also want to see if 'Pixel Rounding' makes a difference. I noticed a massive improvement in the Retro look when using 'Pixel Rounding' and 'Point sampling'.

  • space ape, thanks but point sampling and pixel rounding are by default on if you use retro template.

  • One thing that I noticed is that a stark white background really accentuates any blurriness caused by sprite movement. Unless you plan on having a white bg in the final product, perhaps change that first?

  • cincipon, i tried your tip and it makes the blurriness a little less noticable but i think nothing changed in fact (as you mean i think). maybe the monitor theory of silkc2 is true.

    thanks anyway. i don't plan to keep the white bg by the way.

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