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  • I cannot understand whether or not I've found a bug, or if I just don't understand the following situation.

    In the following .capx, go to event 11. If you change the action of this event to the same as the action of event 10, and run the game, events 1-9[EDIT]** no longer all.

    I cannot decipher this. Help would be much appreciated.

    (note, run the game first without changing anything, and click w,a,s, or d when the arrow gets to the spot, like in dance dance revolution.

    You will see the "Perfect!" sprite appear/fade out.

    Then change event 11, as noted. The "Perfect" fails to appear?!

    So I don't understand what is going on. Bug perhaps, and if so, I apologize for posting here.

    Thank you for any help! (this is from r95!)

    Also...I'm under the impression that the link above is a bit off-kilter from the 'normal' dropbox links provided on this forum. If so, might someone help to correct my method of sharing?

    I've read the "how to share via dropbox" post.

    Thanks again!

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  • Re: drop box: in your dropbox directory ie: the dropbox website, there is a folder called PUBLIC. you did not create it, it was there when your dropbox account was created.

    Put whatever you want to share in that PUBLIC folder. Then you can share that link. I think you right click on the file in the PUBLIC folder it will give you an option for a shareable link.

    regarding your problem:

    whoops, changed the wrong event, looking at this again :3

  • Yes, that is the method I used to first attempt to share the link, but I previewed it myself prior to posting and was concerned when I was sent to my public folder, with all of its contents. I didn't know if others would be sent to that same location as well, while I know others who post their projects do so in a manner that allows for the download to be automatic via the link (at least in chrome).

    Are you saying that your method of sharing does this, intended, action [direct download link]?

    Thank you!

  • You need to set the angle of motion when you spawn the arrows or move event 12 to the very bottom.

    As it is now the arrows spawned in event 11 work because their angle of motion is set directly after they were spawned. The arrows spawned by events 23-24 don't get their angle of motion changed until the next frame, so they move to the right a bit and no longer have a X of exactly 60,150,etc...

  • Yes, it automatically downloads that file and only that file. you can move anything you DON'T want users to see OUT of your public folder, but people shouldn't see anything except what is in your public folder.

    I'm afraid I'm stuck on your game problem :(

    However, I think there may be an easier way of building your game.

    Have a sprite for each of the top arrows, so 4 different sprites (u1,d1,l1,r1) < ^ v >

    Then have a sprite for each arrow that will spawn from the bottom (4 different sprites, one each for u2,d2,l2,r2) < ^ v >

    Set the keyboard such that when

    u2 (the bottom sprite that scrolls) ^

    is overlappping or touching

    u1 ^


    W is held down


    show sprite PERFECT !!!

    You could have the bottom arrows spawn and move up randomly or you could use the TIMER event to make set patterns.

    I think that might make it easier on you.

    I'm a huge ddr fan btw :)

  • Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. I will refer back to this, as at the moment my ability to understand the underlying functionality that is causing this is imperfect. I get what you mean, and how this occurs, but I don't have a firm enough grasp to have confidence in my ability to troubleshoot similar issues accurately in the future. I did now re-read the "how events work", or at least much of it, and I believe it may illustrate what the cause was, though less directly than your assistance has.

    Still, I feel shaky on the subject, and require additional study.


    Thank you for the suggestion, and most importantly, the clarity you've provided with regards to the uploading files through drop box!

    And yes, I recognized I could have just used sprites, though thank you for mentioning that. It's just that this is the second time that I've run into, for me, a very peculiar issue with events where they don't respond in the way that I hope.

    I recommend that you study (or otherwise refresh yourself) by looking at R0J0's solution, as it shows a fundamental functionality of C2.

    Thanks again!

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