How do I blow up text object without scaling

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  • I need to blow up the text object, without scaling it so I can go around the 4096 px height limit on mobile and Mac. Does anyone know how I can do that? I'm willing to go deep into tweaking behaviours or effects for this.

    Basically if the text box stays 4096 px max, but it's much thinner and a smaller font is used (7 or 6) I could make the text scrollable and fit enough text there for one of the chapters in the game to fit.

    I could use an effect, or if gods be good, there mayhaps be a behaviour that GPU CPU conservatively simply blows up the text?

    This would be quite useful since the ipad is already retina 2048 x 1536 and a bit of blowing up wouldn't affect aliasing too much, or appear pixelated.

    Thank you C2 community.

  • Not sure, but I think the paster object can paste the visual apparence of a text into itself, which could be loaded into a sprite, which could be scaled, but this is kind of a big setup for that, and the result may not be ideal..

    you could also use multiple texts objects for each paragraphs if applicable.

  • Aphrodite Thanks Aphrodite, I'm going to check this out. I'm struggling with this for a while now, circling WIDE circles around it, trying to find a solution, going to try this paster object, especially since I was looking for something that can take a specific screenshot of an object ingame.

    I can't use multiple text objects because there is a LOT of chapters, and each is bigger than 4000 px height on the ipad. it would take an unearthly amount of time to chop them up and segregate them.

  • Aphrodite do you know how I can load, with the paster, a specific object, in this case the text object? I got it to load, paste stuff, but I don't know how to save into an image, a specific object. THANK YOU!

  • you can paste the text object by putting the paster over it and use the Paste action, then you can use the Paster.imageUrl to load it inside a sprite via the load from URL, hope that helps

  • Aphrodite, clear as day! thank you. I will test it out and report back.

  • I thought you meant something like this:

    Fit text

    But I'm not sure now..

  • Aphrodite Paster is glitching on text object pasting. It makes it much smaller, or flipped, also position is flippy

    LittleStain Nah, I'm trying to go around the limit of 4000 height for text objects. Sprite font is a no go on mobile (lags on +300 words) and text objects when scaled via layer scale, just increase and go over the limit of 4096 px.

    Seems I'm out of options again

  • Arf, that does not bode well :/

  • Instead of chopping up the text, why not place seperators and use tokenAt to decide which part of the text to display?

  • LittleStain I read the short description in the manual about that but i can't wrap my head around how that would work. Could you help me out with a short explanation?

  • Add a seperator after the amount of text that can be displayed in one textbox is reached, for instance |

    (choose a seperator that won't appear in your text)

    add a variable WhichPageAmI

    set the textbox to tokenat("YourText",WhichPageAmI,"|")

    on next page just add 1 to WhichPageAmI

    so if the text is

    With Scirra Construct you can create the most awesome games and if you need help you just ask on the forum.

    and you add | somewhere..

    With Scirra Construct you can create the most awesome games |and if you need help you just ask on the forum.

    now you have TokenAt 1 and TokenAt 2

    This way you could very easily chop your text up into pieces without chopping your text up..

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  • you mean like this

  • LittleStain Thank you man, going to experiment with this and see what I come up with.

    Lordshiva1948 Thanks for the example

  • Lordshiva1948 Not sure how this relates to anything BTW you've shared "I am blown to bits" example...

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