How do I blood splatters?

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  • I have this.

    However I have multiple of these.

    Blood Pool spawns but it doesn't seem to execute the function at all.

    I tried this too but it doesn't seem to want to execute it.

  • If you launch this in debug you might find that it does run the function and create 12 blood particles but they're spawning on your original BloodPool that you have off screen somewhere, not on the one that was created. You call the function when the new bloodpool is created but then on the function for spawning the particles, it does this on the bloodpool with the lowest UID, not necessarily the one that was just created. Logic needs tweaking a bit to link the spawned bloodpool to the particle spawn, something like On bloodpool created > For particles 1 to 12 > create blood. i.e. in your second image replace the function call with 'Spawn bloodpool on enemy' and the 'on function' with 'On bloodpool created'.

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  • Thank you that fixed it!

  • Can someone show the changes that would need to be made to get this to work? An image with added text or something else? I'm trying to tell what was needed just by reading and remember how C2 works but I'm lost.

  • It's just 2 events :

    Enemy HP < 0 ---- Spawn BloodPool on Enemy

    On BloodPool created (For 1 to 12) ---- Spawn BloodParticles on BloodPool

  • I'm trying to get trails to work.

    But it doesn't want to rotate it...

    I'm using this...

    Maybe there's a different way of doing blood trails?

  • Tried doing this..

    Doesn't want to work again...

    I was using this from the tutorial on how to make drawing in C2...

    EDIT: Okay I noticed some mistakes... trying to fix them..

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