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  • Hi everyone! \o/

    So, I was trying to make a Blood Drain Effect, and what I tried to do was to create a one-shot 360 degrees Particle with negative acceleration so the particles would go back to the center. But I wanted the particles to be the blood drained, so it would start at a point, and then move to another point. Maybe it's kinda hard to understand because I'm not the best at explaining stuff, but I did what I could and I found no way to move the X and Y of the Particles. So It would start at a point and would not move. What I did to try to explain what I wanted to do was to use Paralaxe and move the view so it would be visually the same as what I want to reach, but Its probably not the best way to do that.

    Controls: Mouse click!

    The Drain will start at the mouse position and will be drained to the green thing at the upper left corner...

    I dont know if there is a way to do that, so, can someone help me? :D

    Thanks to everyone! ^^

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  • like an implosion?

    (the bottom one)

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • like an implosion?

    Something like that... I wanted it to explode and then implode. Exactly like the capx, but i wanted the center of the explosion/implosion to move, and I dont know how to do that with the particles... =/

  • mmmm..I havent Tested that Functionality for Particles.

    It probably is possible..

    Particles are great BUT They have limited control once they are Spawned..its just how particles function..They arent designed with overly complex motion..its why they are quick and easy to use..

    About the only thing I could suggest would be to use a different Idea

    It may be Quicker to use another Sprite of a bunch of blood particles like a "splatt" and assign a Bullet Behaviour to it..

    The reason being that YOu will have far greater control over the 'particle' and can even have gravity, reverse motion or bouncing effects

    and then spawn a few of them as many as you need and control each Blood 'particle ' via your script using the "on created" condition...

    I have had to use this idea in some of my projects ..where the Particle Plugin just doesnt do what I want it to..

    Particles are usually what you would use but I Think the behaviours you are after are a little out of its design features..No fault of the Plugin ..just its not designed that way

    :) hope that helps

  • have you thought about making a sprite animation?

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