How do I make blood?

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  • hi in my game i would liek to achive this, hen the player kilsl an ennemy he explode and then al of blood appear like the blood in the game super meat boy.

    how can i achiev that?

    im looking for some samples, examples tutorials


  • someone know?

  • on [enemy death] =>spawn object 'blood'? Can you be more specific?

  • well this is the kind of effect i was looking for its very different from your example :s

    it explodes and then stay on the background

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  • No, no, no...

    There is much better way than just spawning blood.

    If you will spawn too many blood-objects the background will become very heavy for the memory and later for CPU heavy.

    The right way to do it, is to create canvas objects on top of the background or one canvas in a mask visibility with the shape of the background.

    Later you should spawn blood sprites or blood particles sprayers.

    Then you should use the canvas option to draw an object on the canvas.

    Two main options:

    *Draw the blood splash sprite at the end of the animation and delete the sprite. Easy and good performance.

    *Draw particles every frame, that way you will get a close effect to what you have shown on the video. May cause some lag if your device is not very strong.


    *Play with the canvas sizes and resolutions to get the best results.

    *Play with the drawing logic.

    *Don't be too CPU greedy

    *Don't forget to delete the blood objects after you draw them.

  • do you have some capx who explain all that?

    Thats right i tried with the particle objects and is so heavy, event my i7 6700 is laging with so many particles...

  • I wouldn't recommend using particles if you want to create those smears. Just spawn a lot of single blood drop objects with the bullet behavior. When the bullet passes through solids, make it spawn blood objects that don't move every 0.1 seconds or something.

    Well, particles could be used for some extra blood droplets, but you can't check collisions with them.

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