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    Hey guys I am making a breakout game. I have problem with the paddle colliding with the sides and then zooming up to the top. I have included the problem in the capX but the game link just has the block taken out causing the problem.



  • nice game

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  • Thanks, Just need help figuring out that problem when the paddle hits the sides. I think it has something to do with the paddle intersecting the walls and then trying to scoot out of the collision. HOW ME STOP THAT?

  • delgado , that's what you find to say ?

    Well I don't see a problem in the .capx

    Maybe you could completely remove the sides !

  • oh sorry i dont read this part with the problem in the capx, for me game is very nice and fun

  • One trick is to simply stop receiving input from the player once the paddle reaches a specific X value.

    (without having seen your capx)

    (Condition 1)

    On key "arrow right"

    (Condition 2)

    paddle <= (screen.width - 10)

    action - every tick, move paddle.X +1

    this way it will stop moving the paddle once it reaches the screen boundary on the right.

  • Thanks Justifun. I will give that a go. now I just took out the sides but I would prefer to have graphics there.

  • Hmmm tried the boolean of shutting the paddle following the x value with a lerp and it seems to just ignore it entirely. :(

    Close to wall = false

    true = move paddle towards mouse x

    I was thinking about moving it a different way with the 8 direction... I am afraid it will function strange. Testing now.

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