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  • How?s possible to do a ?block? like Super Mario, which you can pass through, but at the same time, if you jump to its top, you?ll stay there.

    Like this green, pink and white blocks on this Super Mario 3 Video

    He can pass trough, but also can stay on its top.

    The most important, is that he can jump when he?s ?inside? the block to its top.

    Thanks :)

  • How do I FAQ

    i]Jumping into and destroying blocks - LINK

  • sorry, but where exactly? I've searched the FAQ. I saw some Mario related questions, but none like this.

  • In the "Platformer behavior" next to the bottom of the list.

  • Sorry to insist, but the link you're referring is to Platformer standing on, picking, pushing and throwing physic objects around.

    This question I?ve got isn?t solved in there.

    All I want is that the player can pass through a block and if he stays ?inside? it and jumps he can be on top of it.

  • AngeloFernandes

    Sorry to insist....

    'Insist' is a very strong word. No-one here (other than Tom and Ash) are affiliated with Scirra. We are all just users of the program and help out people if we can. Insisting is not very nice :(

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  • I know that I said I'm sorry, if I wasn?t I wouldn?t have said it =)

    And I know no one has responsibility over others, especially when helping others, like Kyatric does so often and well. He has solved millions of my problems and for that I?m really thankful to him.

    I?m just in a ?deep end? and if I can?t solve this specific problem I can?t move on because it?s capital for my level design.

    I didn?t mean to be rude or pushing the envelope for no one, especially someone who has been so much helpful :)

  • Starting from this post, the method described by SullytheStrange is the one to use.

    Except in your case, the top detector won't have the finality to destroy the block, just allowing the player to go through it to stand on its top (the standing on is what you needed, right ?).

    It's not a "step by step" explanation to answer specificaly your question, but at some point you have to "go over" the examples and understand and adapt them to your needs.

  • Thanks Kyatric. I'm really trying to adapt and to rewrite stuff I see on the forums to get independent with time, but sometimes it's quite difficult.

    I'm hoping that in time I'll kick ass, but in meantime I still have all this doubts. I?m still a noob.

    On a related subject and just to be clear, I wasn?t trying to be rude or whatever :)

    Thanks a million, you?re a true savior :)

  • i think this will help you on your quest..

    for each platform (consisting of all the blocks that need this behavior)

    if platform.y > player.y set platform solid behavior to not solid

    then you can jump tru the platform, it will need more actions to hold player at the platform and when jump go over it, but i hope this helps you

  • Yes Vtrix :)

    That�s the way ;)

    I just had to add 100 px to player.y so when he jumps he can stay on top, otherwise, as soon he jumped a single pixel he would be stuck inside a solid block.

    Thanks man.


    do you want a Capx to add this question to the "how do i?" FAQ's?

  • Sure, it can always be helpful to others.

  • Here it is.

    Inside I inserted a comment explaning the effect and things to considered. It's in a noob language, but it's all I can do for now LOL

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