Block pushing, collision nth picking bonanza

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  • Hi! Newcomer to Construct here, I just started and it's been a storm of tutorials, combing forum posts, and late nights the past few days. This program is awesome and the community is really inspiring, can't wait to dig in more.

    So my game is about pushing different types of blocks and crazy stuff happening...or at least it will be once I figure out detection. Here's le capx:

    It's using Yann's grid movement solution, but I invited Mr. Orange Blinky Face. He's really been a trooper, smiling through all my frustrations and dutifully pushing those blocks around. One of these days he'll realize he's just a placeholder...maybe then he'll stop smiling.

    I'm trying to figure out "pick nth" right now, because without that a given block's detector seemed to catch its own block and cause hiccups. I was looking at some examples and tried it, but I'm still not using it right. Now they still don't detect other blocks, but other blocks' detectors will also behave weird if one is overlapping a wall/water...I'm sure it's something simple I'm just missing, but I just need to wrap my head around it.

    Not sure if I'm using containers or setting the "pushtarget" i.variable correctly either, but I'll keep fiddling with it.

    I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer, even if you can just give me some simple pointers on how to do it more efficiently or point me to another tutorial/post I may have missed. I'm more of a doodler by trade but I'm excited to learn this stuff.

    Merci d'avance!

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  • Okay, changed some event priority things and fixed the detectors not working separately. Still having a problem with the blocks detecting one another though.

    I seem to have been mistaken in the way I was using pick nth as per examples, as the problem isn't "object overlapping an instance of itself," but "object's own child not distinguishing between parent and another instance of parent's same type prior to influencing parent's movement." I think?

    Now I'm just looking for a way to do the latter; been trying with instance variables and stuff but there's something still off about trying to distinguish within the same nested event.

    Any pointers would be a huge help. Thanks again!

    Edit: I'll even divine and draw your spirit animal if you can come up with anything.

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