How do I Block Light with Solid Objects

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  • I have read a lot of posts regarding this issue and found nothing helpful (I would say easy). Basically I want the effect shown in this video. So if someone have a .capx file or know how it can be done?

  • Anyone?

  • I have a pretty good grasp on C2's lighting system but I can't figure this out. This really is impressive-looking, in a clean, simple way! I guess what I'm saying is BUMP.

    ...hmmm... unless the player/flashlight has a shadow light on it, and is only casting "shadows" on the flashlight beam, through some sort of layer blending mode. That would make sense. I might throw something together sometime to try it.

  • BUMP

  • Hey, thanks for the reminder. This test got buried under all kinds of projects.

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  • You could do this with sprites using different blends. Since there's bump mapping I wonder whether this is using a 3rd party plugin.

    I'd recommend looking at the flashlight and rain examples included with construct to develop something like this.

    Essentially though, you're using the flashlight to remove a dark overlay that's on top of the textured floor there. The blocks have a darker sprite that will have the angle set to the same angle as the flashlights, light (though this may only be the case if the light is overlapping the block, otherwise it may be set to the inverse of that angle so as not to cause issues when standing near a block and looking away from it...or perhaps just set to invisible when the flashlight doesn't overlap the blocks).

    Hope that helps!

    EDIT: Now I'm back home and I can share a file I came across on here some time ago. I don't remember who's this is (So feel free to reveal yourself, author): ... .capx?dl=0

  • Oh! Brilliant! And well-put, ultra.

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