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  • Hi all. Can some give me a tip on how I can make a group of images blink when a button is pressed. thanks.

  • Can you provide more details on what you want the blink to be? Have you tried using the flash behavior when the button is pressed? Other option would be to turn visibility on/off with a system wait in between.

  • basically a group of 4 images, and what I want to do is, when the button is pressed, it will shuffle the 4 items ( ie change the pink one to the blue one and so on) The "blink" effect would be there to show the shuffle effect. I like the idea of system wait. Can you share with me the process. Thanks.

  • You can create a family and add those objects to it and for example call it Blink.

    Then add Flash behavior to the created family.

    Next, adjust the Flash behavior values.

    Now you can create an event with Keyboard plugin for example:

    On key K pressed : Blink->Start flash

  • how do you add all the images to a "family" This sounds like a good approach. thx

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  • You don't need a family for this. or system wait.

    You want one sprite with a different frame for each colour.

    Add the flash behaviour, and change their frames to get the different colour.

  • You want one sprite with a different frame for each colour.. this is probably a dumb q, but can you please let me know how I can try this. frame = layer ? thx

  • Read the manual. Do some tutorials. Search the forums.

    You're not going to get very far, otherwise.

    right-click a sprite, pick edit animations. this is where you can edit animation frames.

    set the animation speed to 0 so they stay on their current frame instead of playing through them all.

    then you can

    on button pressed | change sprite frame and flash.

  • thanks. did that. I was missing the other windows in the editor. Thanks for your time. As I am new to app development, lingo gets me sometimes.

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