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  • So i'm brand new to this, downloaded the free client (r83 i think?) about 30 mins ago, walked through the tutorial, and was hoping to export it, then run it. (i'm not worried about uploading it anywhere, i'd like to run it from my own machine for now)

    But all i get is a hefty chunk of "loading" from chrome, while staring at a black/blank screen, and once it's happy it's done "loading" nothing changes.

    I've searched around on the forums, about adding

    function log(str) {}

    Into the script, but it's making no diff whatsoever.

    Could i be doing something wrong?

    Any help is appreciated!

    Just adding, the preview was running great,

    also, apologies if this is in the wrong forum section!

  • Have a look at this thread.

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  • So essentially, this needs to be hosted somewhere other than my own PC to run it?

    Ah well, problem solved, thanks very much!

  • Please link us to your exported project so we can take a look ourselves.

    The "log" snippet was to do with a bug only in r81, so if you're on the latest (r84) that does not apply.


    That's the exported stuff so far, it's exactly what i make using the tutorial.

  • <img src="" border="0">

    The error only happens in chrome.

    It works in FF.

    Are you using custom plugins or anything ?

    Be sure to download Release 84, uninstall/reinstall properly C2 and try again to export your project.

  • Apparently it happens in IE too!

    Although after testing on my friend's laptop, using FF it's working fine

    thanks anyways!

  • Ashley: When I edit the adress in index.html to the jquery lib

    <script src=""></script> then it locally works without the error above in Chrome.

    Seems that Chrome is looking for a local "file://" and not for "http:"//

    Firefox falls back to the local jquery file and throws no exceptions.

    What I've used:

    Chrome 17.0.963.83 m --> local file error without edit

    Chrome 17.0.963.83 m --> no error with adding "http:" in the adress

    Firefox 11.0 --> no error with and without edit, but falls back to the local jquery

    OS: Win XP

  • Projects do not run from disk (the file:// protocol). Browser security limitations generally prevent projects from working when on disk. So we don't support this at all and it's no surprise if your project doesn't work there. Didn't you see a browser prompt telling you that? I added an alert when running on the file:// protocol that should say "upload this project before trying it".

    kaga - I did not mean a zip of your project, I mean actually hosting it live :) See upload your game to Dropbox. If it works fine when hosted live (on http://) then I suppose there's no bug.

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