How do I Use a black/white fading sprite as mask?

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  • Hello Guys,

    i didnt find anything for this in my opinion simple thing: I got a bg with some sprite images iam moving from left to right and vice versa. I want to generate a simple menu selection screen. So far so good.

    On the left and right edges i placed some black to transparent fading spirtes -> i simply want to use them as mask for the graphics (menu sprite images).

    The effect:

    The menu sprite images should be fadet out and when they move into the centre of the screen it should look like theyre fading in from the edges. They shouldnt be visible if theyre moving into the layout until they leave the black mask area. But i cant set it up with the mask settings or tutorials etc.

    Plz take a look onto the screenshot to get a better idea about the problem: (Focus on the right edge of the layout)

    Has anyone a hint or a solution for this? This is so annoying, because i tried blend modes on the sprites/layers etc. and combined them - but nothing did the trick...

    Thank you very much!

  • I don't you will get the effect using 'black to transparent' ?

    It might work better with 'white to transparent' (or whatever color your background is)

  • Still a problem... :/

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  • Congrats2u

    1- Put the GUI objects you want to fade on their own layer

    2- In the layer properties, set "Force own texture" to yes for that layer

    3- Set the blend mode for the fade sprites you have at the edge of the screen to Destination Out

    4- Make sure the fade sprites are the top objects on the layer

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