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  • Aloha,

    I have been doing a lot of searching here and before I really put my graphics and actors into the game, I wanted to ask what to do as I complete to export to a "Playbook" type file (bar. - I believe)

    As I develop the game and make the appropriate touch commands etc., do I need to develop at the size of 1024 X 600 and export directly to PhoneGapp, or do I export to a Playbook file?

    sorry for the stupid question but I dont want to put everything into it and then find that I can develop for Playbook or Blackberry in general


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  • I exported my proyecyto in html5

    then packed into a. zip files in the contruct

    and I add another file to config.xml so it can run on the emulator Ripple.

    working properly on Export ripple can without any problem to VMWare.

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