Black screen while exporting with coconJS

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  • Hi guys, I'm pretty new with Construct 2 and now I'm trying to get a simple layout ( a bottle that fall with 2 physics behaviours, nothing special) into my phone using CoconJS, but it only show a black screen.

    I wanna start saying that the graphics are in 16:9 and i used, as main resolution, 1024 x 548, then I placed into the scene all my objects and I exported for coconJS;

    First of all I loaded the game from a zip placed inside dropbox using CoconJsLauncher, but it didn't work, then I compiled it with laudei cloud service, the result was always the same, black screen.

    At the end I tried to export an example game (shooter one), same story.

    Any one have a solution? Thanks a lot.


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  • you can try exporting with phonegap , it works 100% but has a problem , it runs slow on low end devices

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  • cocoonjs works fine, under your cocoon object set the engine to standard web based. Accel doesnt work currently

  • You most likely have an unsupported object or plugin in your game.

    Does the debugger in the CocoonJS launcher give you any errors?

  • i don't know what it was. But in my project i only had an object with physics and drag and drop. I created a new project and then it worked, but i still have to apply physics i don't know if it's not supported in cocoon js. Thanks everybody.

  • v00d0

    are you using dropbox??to launch you project and what are kind of your cellphone it is android or ios??

  • is a note 2. ye i tried first dropbox then my own domain at least i tried to load the zip from sd


  • using the old project it still gave a black screen the new one work with remote url too. i think was physics.

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