How do I make a black layer with 'holes' to look through?

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  • Think of looking at a wall in the dark with a torch, so that where the torch is pointing, you get a circle of light and can see the wall, but everywhere else is black.

    I can do it with a circular sprite and blend mode 'destination in' but I want to have more than one circle of light so that all is black except either the circle of light.

    With 'destination in', you only see the wall where the circles overlap.

    Any ideas?

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  • You can definitely do this with blend modes.

    Set layer transparent=no, color=black, Force own texture=yes

    Put your circle sprites on this layer with blend mode "Destination out".

  • Thanks for your reply. I didn't actually try it as I found that this worked:

    Layer: Transparent, 100% Opacity, White, Force own texture: No, Effect:Blend Mode: Destination in

    Then I created a sprite on the layer which was a solid circle: 100% Opacity, Effect: Blend mode: Normal

    I don't know whether it is particularly efficient, but it seems ok so far

  • I can't edit my last post, but I should also say I had to untick my layer in the Layers window else it was all black!

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