How do I take bites out of an image like a layer mask?

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  • Hi all,

    I am trying to work out a way of cutting holes out of a layer so that the true background is revealed through a second single "blanket" background. In the picture if you tapped any of the objects on the "Tile Layer" it would disappear and leave a cut-out the same size as the tile that goes as deep as Layer BG but without losing any more of Layer BG+1.

    Until now I've simply been removing one object and creating another on top of it, but it is making the game very object heavy after a few minutes of destroying and discovering more blocks.

    How do I accomplish this? From the picture the following is true:

    Tile Layer = The tiles that sit on top of the game waiting to be tapped by the player.

    Layer BG+1 = The background mask that sits on top of Layer BG.

    Layer BG = True background image - burgundy colour.

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